Responsible Pet Ownership Course


Pets Ad Litem and the Tallahassee Animal Services Center host the Responsible Pet Ownership Course for local residents several times throughout the year. The course is a 3.5 hour informational program designed to help pet owners learn how to properly care for their animals and increase awareness of the local laws and ordinances governing animal care and treatment. The instructors provide a general overview of how pet owners can best care for their animals.  They also cover an array of topics including proper pet nutrition, traveling with a pet, vaccinations, proper shelter, tethering, and pet identification. Presenters include lawyers, teachers, veterinarians, and government officials, all of whom provide live instruction and take-home materials.


Leon County residents (including those persons cited for violations of the City's ordinances) who attend and pass the course will receive a certificate of completion for taking and passing an optional in-class exam.  The class is FREE and open to the public.  Please check this site occasionally for the next available course.  


For more information, please contact

Rabies Vaccinations
Living with Urban Wildlife
Humane Tethering
Spay & Neuter
Shelter Your Pet
Picking Up Pet Waste
Safe Pet Travel
Off-Leash Dog Parks
Your Pet's Nutrition
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